Monday, November 19, 2012

There are no old women in Paris (Seine dispatch #26)

Another admirable thing about Parisian culture: agism and chic are mostly not disconnected. You see 50, 60, 70 year old women rocking brilliant, unique ideas of suave and it's not about having money. Along with the classic gamine is the classic older-Juliette Binoche type rocking rich brown colored hair, draped dark shawls and thin knit sweaters and hardly any make-up because *hiding* is false and therefore un-chic but intentional artifice cool in very targeted ways: Matte crimson or pearl-tone lipstick, but just a blush. The smokey eye brushed in. A freshet of cheek color. There are, of course, lots of moms. But there's almost nobody consigned to the style and sexiness purgatory that American anti-style enforces on motherhood. There's self respect in other words, which I believe translates to less repression and projections of self-loathing onto other people, which is ultimately manifests as true liberating Helen Mirren liberalism via fashion. Example: the cool as fuck STEREO TOTAL. How old is the singer/drummer? 40? 50? Does anyone care? STEREO TOTAL

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